The websites and companies below are our personal recommendation. We have used them for years and they have worked great for us and our clients. If you need help setting them up or have any questions about them, let us know, we will happy to answer them for you.


Domain Register
Logo Design
Email Marketing – Build Your Email List and Grow Your Business

The main way to optimize your website to load faster is by using a fast and reliable hosting company.

We recommend Inmotion Hosting & Siteground. Fast SSD disk space and great support for a low price.

Important: Avoid Godaddy. It is slow and unreliable; your website will go down randomly during the day for no reason.

Keyword Research
  • Buffer: Save time managing your social media
  • Canva: A great design tool you can use to enhance your social media graphics and business branding.
  • Cloudflare: CDN and security service.
  • CSS Minifier: It will help you reduce/compress the size of your CSS. If you don’t want to use any of the plugins mentioned on my speed up WordPress post.



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